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Simply following the path of a traveling lighter is not interesting enough.
The lighter, an ordinary household item, can be transformed into a messenger that connects people.
There are no definitive objectives to achieve. The project simply focuses on the encounters of people that occur during the course of the lighter’s journey.

What would come out of the project? A movement? Happiness?
Possibilities are endless.

There are all kinds of people in the world.
Whoever they may be,
if I can get a chuckle or smile out of them through the project,
I will be perfectly content.












The lighter’s journey ends when it runs out of lighter fluid.

To begin with, there will be 100 of the 100-yen lighters.
The instruction will be printed in English (the purpose of the project, URL, etc), and placed on the front of each lighter.
I have pre-selected artists and designers (famous or not famous) to hand out the lighters.
The artists will write their names on the back side of the lighter. They may also include a short message, illustration, etc.
The artists will take digital photos of their lighters, and post them on the project website along with their locations and brief messages.
Within 3 days, the artists are required to hand their lighters to their friends. They need to explain the rules of the project.
The process repeats until the end of the lighter’s life.

* If your friends are interested in participating, let me know. I can provide additional lighters while the supplies last.

撮影例 = How to take it!